Effective Home Safety Practices for Older Adults

Growing older may pose more physical and mental challenges. Changes in vision, hearing, memory, balance, and mobility can make daily tasks and needs more challenging. Seniors are at a greater risk of serious falls, burns, infections, and other injuries at home. Hence, many rely on companion services in Indiana. Likewise, we discuss home safety practices for older adults:

  • Create a safer home environment.

    To prevent serious injury due to fall-related accidents, create a safer home environment. This entails decluttering and removing loose items like throw rugs and electrical cords. For seniors who would like to hold onto certain items, they can be collected for storage. In addition to light housekeeping, it may be necessary to update the home with better lighting and adding door knob grips for seniors with arthritis.

  • Establish and follow healthy routines.

    In addition to making changes to their home environment, developing healthy habits are essential to stay healthy and safe. Seniors should get enough sleep, exercise regularly, and have a balanced diet. Nursing care in Indiana can help seniors treat wounds, manage chronic conditions, and track catheter changes and maintenance.

  • Manage medications safely.

    Mismanaging medications can impair our physical and cognitive abilities as we age. An in-home caregiver can assist seniors with throwing away old or expired medications and organizing their medications to avoid double-dosing. This may also entail providing reminders to ensure that seniors do not forget to take their medications.

Here at 1st Choice Home Health Services LLCNursing care in Indiana can help seniors treat wounds, manage chronic conditions, and track catheter changes and maintenance., we are dedicated to improving your health and well-being. We deliver exceptional home care in Fort Wayne, Indiana to support you during the golden years. Contact us to arrange our services.


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