Exploring the Benefits of NEMT for Seniors


Older adults often require help with transportation to their medical appointments, run errands, and attend social events. When their loved ones are unavailable to drive them, non-emergency medical transportation is a good alternative. As a trusted provider of nursing care in Indiana, we will discuss how aging adults benefit from NEMT services:

  • Receive personalized service.
    Seniors have unique needs when it comes to transportation. NEMT offers personalized services to meet those particular needs. In addition to companion services in Indiana, a home care provider offering NEMT services may offer door-to-door service and assisted transport.
  • Safe and convenient vehicles.
    Many of our elders travel with mobility devices and medical equipment. Regular vehicles and public transportation often don’t afford the storage and space needed to safely contain these items. NEMT vehicles are equipped to accommodate devices like wheelchairs without having to deal with small openings and cramped trunks.
  • Increased independence.
    Access to a safe and reliable means of transportation can help older adults regain or retain their independence. In addition to meal preparation, NEMT services help seniors maintain their daily routines, travel to their appointments, and visit loved ones to stay socially engaged and active.
  • Increase safety and affordability.
    NEMT drivers and staff are trained to provide hands-on assistance to ensure seniors are safe and comfortable. What’s more NEMT services are more affordable compared to traditional ambulances and other transportation options.

1st Choice Home Health Services LLC is a leading provider of high-quality, compassionate home care in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Give your senior loved one the exceptional care they deserve — reach out to us to get started.


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