Healthy Resolutions to Keep Seniors Fit and Healthy

The beginning of the year presents another opportunity to make the most of the coming months. Hence, it is a good time for seniors and their caregivers to reevaluate their health and make the necessary changes to their care, such as arranging nursing care in Indiana. Likewise, here are resolutions that seniors can implement to stay healthy and strong:

  • Make better dietary choices.

    With age comes changes to our health and diet. Caregivers can help seniors with meal preparation to ensure their nutritional needs are met. Seniors can start with small changes, such as switching to non-fat dairy options and choosing lean meats over fatty options.

  • Maintain a positive mindset.

    A positive mindset does not necessarily entail ignoring negative experiences or difficult feelings. Rather, it entails stressing less about factors you can’t change. Adopting a positive mindset is linked to a lower risk of memory loss, decreased feelings of loneliness, and a quicker recovery from illness.

  • Seek ways to stimulate the mind.

    Challenging the brain regularly helps seniors stay sharp and boost cognitive health. Seniors can keep their minds stimulated by reading daily or doing crosswords. Board and card games help keep the brain active while providing a social outlet.

  • Stay in touch with loved ones.

    Older adults who stay socially engaged have lower risks of depression and enjoy overall better health. In addition to staying in touch with family and friends, companion services in Indiana can keep seniors company to ease feelings of loneliness and prevent social isolation.

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