The Impact of Social Isolation on Aging Adults


When a senior lives alone, they are at a greater risk of social isolation. Social isolation is a serious problem affecting older adults as it affects all aspects of their health. Hence, many seniors and their families rely on home health services in Fort Wayne, Indiana, to alleviate or prevent feelings of loneliness and social isolation.

Several factors contribute to social isolation, such as loved ones moving away, impaired mobility, and losing the ability to drive. As a provider of personal services in Indiana, we will discuss the impact of social isolation on older adults:

  • Physical Illness
    Seniors who are socially isolated tend to lead a sedentary lifestyle which is linked to several chronic health conditions. Long-term loneliness may also lead to feelings of defensiveness and mistrust which causes the body to activate its biological defense mechanisms. This increases inflammation and increases the risk of diseases like hypertension and heart disease.
  • Depression
    Social isolation can also cause depression in seniors. The condition causes a low mood and lack of motivation, which can cause seniors to withdraw further from their loved ones. NEMT services in Indiana can take seniors to social events and outings to alleviate feelings of loneliness.
  • Cognitive Decline
    Spending time with others is one of the most effective ways of preventing or reducing cognitive decline. Daily conversation with friends, neighbors, family, or caregivers challenges language reception, memory, and focus. In addition to homemaking services, caregivers can also serve as companions.

Arrange the best care possible for your aging parent or loved one. Get in touch with 1st Choice Home Health Services LLC to discuss their needs and develop a comprehensive care plan.


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