Strategies to Help Seniors Stay Socially Connected

Social isolation is a common problem affecting aging adults and can have negative consequences on their physical and mental health. Many of our elders tend to lose their social resources as they retire. Moreover, health concerns and mobility limitations may hinder them from visiting loved ones or spending time in the community. To address this, we will share strategies to help seniors stay socially connected:

  • Join social clubs or hobby groups.

    Clubs and organizations are among the best ways to prevent loneliness and social isolation. NEMT services in Indiana can take seniors to local organizations or hobby group meetings to meet new people and share common interests. Fitness groups are also great ways to meet like-minded folks while getting regular exercise.

  • Learn to use technology.

    In addition to personal services in Indiana, caregivers can help seniors set up phones or laptops to stay in touch with loved ones. Devices with a webcam enable them to video call family members and friends, so they can communicate face-to-face instead of just speaking on the phone. This makes long-distance communication much easier to ease feelings of loneliness.

  • Arrange additional help at home.

    Aside from providing homemaking services and delivering care, caregivers can also serve as companions. Caregivers can engage seniors in regular conversations and participate in activities like board games. Not only can they interact regularly with seniors but they can also help them get out and about in the community for other sources of social interaction.

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