Scenarios Where Seniors May Need NEMT Services

Non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) is a useful service for individuals who require medical attention but do not have access to reliable transportation. As we age, many of us lose the ability to drive due to factors like impaired vision and chronic pain. With NEMT services in Indiana, seniors can get to and from their medical appointments and attend social events. Likewise, we will discuss the scenarios where seniors may require NEMT services:

  • The senior is medically stable but requires medical equipment.

    NEMT is ideal for seniors who are unable to travel without access to medical equipment. The vehicles used in NEMT are equipped with various equipment depending on the passenger’s needs, such as oxygen delivery systems, wheelchairs, or supplies of intravenous fluids. With attendant care services, seniors can travel safely on the road.

  • The senior does not qualify for emergency medical transport.

    NEMT services offer numerous benefits to seniors and that includes offering non-emergency medical transportation. Emergency medical transport is often used for field injuries and life-threatening situations that require immediate medical attention. NEMT is the best option for follow-up medical appointments, medical tests, therapy sessions, or return trips from emergency room visits.

  • The senior does not have time-sensitive needs.

    In addition to personal services in Indiana, NEMT services are useful for managing senior health. When the senior’s condition is not life-threatening or time-sensitive, NEMT services are an excellent option. NEMT services also cost less and are a suitable option for seniors who need focused assistance.

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